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(b)Logrolling In Our Times – Week Ending 4/16/10

Back on the horse:

This and That – Part I: The basic error of who you ask to manage – From BadConsultant – Sobering thoughts for someone in the middle of a career transition who is damn good and “this” has some skill for parts of “that”, and got used to a position that was a little bit of “this” and “that” which nobody hires for

A good old idea: “making things” – From Bert Maes – I truly hope that we aren’t being obstinate nostalgists when we say we have to go back to manufacturing


(b)Logrolling In Our Time – Week Ending 3/26/09

Not sure if it is me, or the demographics of wordpress – but looking through all the “engineering” blogs makes me wonder why anyone would outsource to India. Onto my post of the week:

So, what are you gonna do about it? – From BadConsultant – When there are hundreds of applicants for every position, success has to be more than getting a warm body behind the vacant desk.

(b)Logrolling In Our Time – Week Ending 3/19/2009

Since I’m finding myself spending more time reading other people’s posts (and occasionally commenting on them), I figured I’d start giving a weekly shout to those posts I found interesting in the last 7 days:

‘Smart’ Kids, ‘Dumb’ Kids, and Mathematical Insight – From Superplexa! – An argument that getting the right answer does not a good student make (Hopefully the same applies to using proper sentence structure)

Earth to CEOs:  Come Back Down Here with Us! – From Morale at Work – While I continue to maintain the Undercover Boss is a Bad Thing(tm) in many ways, it has brought out more thoughts on what executives are and should be